7 June 2024 – Mercury Marine, a division of Brunswick Corporation, today introduced the 8hp and 9.9hp EFI FourStroke and 9.9hp EFI ProKicker™ outboard engines. These new outboards feature an advanced Mercury electronic fuel injection (EFI) system designed to provide boaters, fishing enthusiasts and pro anglers with easy starts and efficient performance.

Demand for EFI technology is growing due to the benefits it offers over carbureted engines including ease of starting, reliable performance in all weather conditions and better fuel efficiency.
“In recent years, Mercury Marine has pushed the envelope at the top of the outboard performance range with our 350-400 and 600hp Verado engines, but at the same time, we have focused on developing the next generation of outboards in our lower portable range,” said John Buelow, Mercury Marine President.

“Redesigning the 8hp and 9.9hp family to include EFI delivers a host of consumer benefits such as faster starting and better fuel economy, which builds on our commitment to continuous improvement and delivering high quality products.”

Compared to previous models the new outboards include battery-free EFI for manual-start models, with upgrades include a more powerful alternator, refreshed cowling and additional refinements.

Lightweight and efficient

Thanks to EFI technology and other enhancements, these engines deliver up to 27 per cent better fuel economy than earlier carbureted models in the same horsepower range and provide an additional hour of runtime at 3,500 rpm using a 12-liter fuel tank. The outboards are light enough to be portable, ideal for powering spontaneous adventures on the water, eliminating fuel-related issues common with carbureted engines.

Pound for pound, these outboards produce more top-end horsepower than prior-generation carbureted engines, at a substantial weight saving compared to most EFI outboards in their class.

(The 9.9hp EFI is available with remote or tiller controls, manual or power trim(The 9.9hp EFI is available with remote or tiller controls, manual or power trim)

8hp & 9.9hp EFI FourStroke

EFI technology takes the hassle out of starting in all weather conditions. While both the 8hp and 9.9hp EFI models are offered with a choice of manual or electric start, the manual-start models do not require a cranking battery, adding to their convenience.

“When you pull the rope to start the motor manually, it automatically charges the entire electrical system to enable ignition,” said Jim Hergert, Mercury Marine Senior Category Manager for 30 horsepower and below outboards.

The 9.9hp EFI is available with remote or tiller controls, manual or power trim. The 8hp EFI comes with an easy-to-use tiller allowing for one-hand control of shifting and throttle. Manual tilt-models can adjust trim and tilt by pushing down on the tiller handle, with the tiller also including a stop button, throttle friction adjustment knob and steering friction lever.

Mercury’s engineering team balanced the powerhead on the new 8hp and 9.9hp EFI outboards, and incorporated vibration and sound-dampening materials including soft-rubber mounts to deliver a smooth and quiet driving experience.

9.9hp EFI ProKicker

The Mercury 9.9hp EFI ProKicker offers all these benefits and doubles down with additional features designed with the pro angler in mind. The ProKicker’s high-thrust, four-blade propeller provides superior control, allowing anglers to dial in precise trolling speeds. The new EFI model also comes with Mercury’s heavy-duty Command Thrust gearcase for greater durability, as well as standard power tilt.

“You just push the button and it effortlessly raises the motor when you’re ready to run on your standard main power,” Hergert said.

The new 9.9hp EFI ProKicker, has shed up to five-kilos (11 pounds) compared to the previous model.

Easy to maintain

EFI technology also makes these engines easy to maintain and there is no oil filter to change. In addition, their maintenance-free camshaft requires no regular service and no valve lash adjustments for the life of the engine. The new engines also come with a quick-connect fresh-water flush attachment that connects to a regular garden hose.

A manual rope start is included on all new models for added security in case the cranking battery loses charge.

Whether you are chasing big fish or big adventures, the new Mercury 8hp and 9.9hp and 9.9hp ProKicker outboards, equipped with next-gen EFI, ensure surefire starts and quiet, efficient performance for days of hassle-free fun on the water.

For those eager to get these hands on these new outboards, stock is expected to arrive in August.

Dive into your next big catch or adventure with Mercury’s new 8hp and 9.9hp EFI outboards here or learn more about the 9.9hp Prokicker here.